Monday, April 07, 2008

Woot Woot

My husband loves to play the fantasy sports on It's free and it's a fun competition for him with friends. He often asks me to make my own fantasy team and play along. I'll usually do the Fantasy Football but I'm not really into any of the other sports (baseball, hockey or baseball). I do however like to make my picks for NCAA basketball. It's fun because I don't have to go back every week to check on my players to see how they are doing. I just pick a team to either win or lose at the beginning of the playoffs and that's it. This year I did just that. I wouldn't let my husband know which teams I had picked to win or lose until after the first round. I didn't want him to criticize my choices or who I picked to win it all. Also in doing this I have NO IDEA how the teams played throughout the year. All I can go off of is their seed number. As with most NCAA playoffs I know that there are always upsets so you can't rely 100% on their numbers -- just ask Connecticut (#4 seed) when they lost to San Diego (#13 seed). But I also choose based on names or places I've been. I've always thought Gonzaga was a funny name for a University so I always pick them to go past the first round, as does my loyalty to BYU (both of which disappointed me).

The point of this story? Against the husband and one of his friends (both who are very much into college sports...) I WON! I may have not have chosen the winner of the NCAA finals (UCLA lost) but the husband and his friend were out after the final four. I still have one of my picks that made it to the Championship. Which is an automatic win for me.

And my NCAA brackets (the yellow are the ones that I picked that went on to the next round). This my not be very exciting to most people (most of my friends & family eyes glaze over when I talk about my NCAA bracket picks) but it's fun for me and this is my way of gloating. Not to mention the 5 text messages I've sent to the husband today!


Erika said...

Go, you, I'm out, but Jeff won his office pool too! Maybe I'll consult you next year for my picks.

Vegas Princess said...

This is exactly what pisses off the guys I work with whenever I do the brackets at work. Because I know NOTHING about basketball and I always win. So I don't do it anymore for fear of the wrath that plagues me as they drop out one by one and me, the girl who picked teams according to color, wins the pot!

hollibobolli said...

Lord, I have never won one of those things - nor do I think I am capable of even filling one out!! You rock!!