Tuesday, November 25, 2008



I'm sure other states have it lower. But for Utah this is pretty dang good! I filled my car up today and it only costed me $21, and I was on empty. It was awesome. And the cool thing is the prices keep on dropping! I'm loving this! And it totally helping my bank account!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

For anyone looking for a new post. You will have to find me here. With a new(ish)born I just can't update two blogs. Plus I'm just not that interesting. I hope to see you over at my family blog.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scary Day

Sunday night was a very scary night for us. I'm still not sure I've completely processed all of the events.

Most afternoon/evenings we let our cat Abbie outside in the backyard. Our yard is completely fenced so we don't worry too much about him out there. He's normally really good about checking in with us; just to let us know that he is a good boy.

Well yesterday we kind of forgot to bring him back in when it got dark. So when I went to get him he was no where to be found. So I searched the house because sometimes when we think he's outside he's actually sleeping on our bed. Well he wasn't in our house. So we started looking in the front yard. Most people that have met our cat knows that he's more then likely not able to jump the fence. Well that is correct. Unfortunately one of the slats on our fence is warped and keeps coming up at the bottom. Which makes for a perfect kitty door. And lucky us we live next to a park so there is INFINITE places for a cat to hide.

Well Bob and I spent about an hour wandering the 5-6 house radius looking for him. Zack started fussing so I had to take him back in the house to feed him. Bob decided to take the car out to see if he could find him that way. Next thing I know Bob calls me yelling. Something about Abbie and the Park. I had no idea what he is saying because he was obviously running and Zack was crying. So I do nothing. A minute or so later Abbie walks in the back door. So I call Bob to tell him that Abbie is back. A minute or so after that Bob comes running in asking where Abbie is. I point in the general direction of where he is (not really concerned) and Bob rushes off looking for Abbie saying that we need to take him to the vet. Why? BECAUSE HE GOT HIT BY A CAR!

Yeah I had no idea it was that serious. Luckily a neighborhood friend had seen Bob and figured something was wrong and stopped by. I gave Zack to her and rushed after Bob to see how Abbie was doing.

The good news of the story is I think Abbie is okay. His paws were bleeding because a couple of his claws were ripped off. But he looked and acted just fine. I've pushed and pulled and prodded as much as a non-vet can do and he doesn't seem like he is in any pain. I still will probably take him to the vet tomorrow to get checked out. We just don't have the money for expensive vet tests.

Abbie is a part of our family, and we both aren't ready to let him go. I'm just glad that we didn't have to have a cat funeral on my birthday (which was Monday). I'm not sure I could have handled that.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I know it's been a while since I've updated this blog, but a lot has happen in the past month.

  • I was put on bed rest the last two week of my pregnancy for high blood pressure and possible Toxemia
  • July 10, 2008 our beautiful son was born.

Please go to http://finallyababy.blogspot.com for the full story and more updates. Due to lack of sleep and time I'm not sure how much I'll be able to update both of my blogs.

And I'm sorry for not commenting on everyones blog this past month but really my excuse is good, just look at him.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just playing the waiting game

It's been a few weeks since my last update. I have an excuse!


June 10th was my last day at work. I didn't quit; I'm just taking an extended maternity leave. We hired one of my best friends to work part time while I was off birthing and raising a baby. She started in March(? I think). At my job we have a full time person (me) and a part time person (cookie monster). We barely had enough work to do with just the two of us there (look at my blog name - I play online at work!) so with the three of us there, there wasn't much for me to do. I was training C.M. to take my over my job and be the full time person and my friend was taking over her job. So basically I wasn't doing much, other then supervising. It got really boring. They both caught on very quickly and after a while I wasn't sure what I was doing there anymore. I started leaving work early (with permission of course) then started planning my last day.

I've had a job (sometimes 2 or 3) since I graduated from High School. So for the past 13 years I've been working pretty much nonstop and now I'm home by myself ALL DAY LONG. It's a boring life. I've made list of things that need to be done around the house. Things that I normally don't get to because I'm exhausted by the time I get home from work. Only to find out being 8 1/2 months pregnant is exhausting too. Bending over is hard, after cleaning a little bit I have to sit and rest, plus I need my afternoon nap! I can't leave the house because if I do I spend money and with 1 less income that's not really a good thing. So I'm pretty much stuck at home for the time being. The only time I leave is when we need grocerys or when the husband is home.

So that is my excuse for my lack of posting. I wish I had exciting news like our baby is going to make his grand entrance anytime now. But who knows when that will happen. Our due date is July 7th but the doctor will let me go over a week at the most. He even said we should set up a appointment to have me induced on the 14th. I hope he's doing that as a precaution to reserve the space and not because he thinks I'll actually need it. I love being pregnant but I'm so ready for the baby to be here in my arms.

I hope others are having a more exciting summer then I am so far. What are you up to? Any trips, fun outings anything? Please my only outlet to the world is through blogs now (and my cell phone) so keep me updated on what you all are doing. I need to live vicarously through others now.

Friday, June 06, 2008

First for me

**Updated with a new picture at the bottom**
Yesterday my sister and I had the opportunity to go to a book signing. Anyone that reads http://www.dooce.com/ probably knows that she just released a book. It's not a book she wrote but a compilation of Essays from people that she knows then edited and put into a book. She did write two of the essays and her husband John wrote one of the Essays. I'm excited to read my copy.

I'll be honest I was a little nervous to meet her. I've read her blog religiously since Little Miss introduced it to me two or three years ago. I've also seen her on our local news and read about her in the paper and magazines. But to actually meet Heather in person was crazy. You always want people to be the same as you picture them from their writing or what you see on TV. But what to say to this person that I never have met? "Hi, I'm your biggest fan."? or "Wow, I can't believe that I'm finally meeting you in person."? I didn't want to seem too excited or overanxious.

The book signing was at 7:00, but my sister and I didn't get there until after 8. Totally my fault. When we pulled up to the Kings English Bookstore, I was surprised at how small it was. Which made me only that much more nervous for some reason. It was in a part of Salt Lake that I don't frequent very often (okay never) but it was adorable. Right in the middle of a bunch of homes with a few shops across the street. (See how cute it is?)

My sister and I ended up being the end of the line. Which worked out just fine because there were really only 5 or 6 people in front of us. And from what the employees told us -- the line use to run around the building. So I was happy that I didn't have to stand in line forever. Of course my sister made me go first. So I handed the book to Heather and said Hi. That's it. Yeah I'm a nerd. But she was so nice, she asked where I was from and if I'd lived in Utah my whole life (sadly yes I have). After that it was pretty easy to talk to her. She was so nice and given to true form and warning she even broke out in song while my sister was talking to her. She is as funny in person as she is in her book. Her husband was so nice too! We got pictures taken with the both of them, but I'll have to wait to get those from my sister. So watch for an update.

So yesterday was a first for me, going to a book signing to get an autograph from a blogger. I love it!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Drivers drive me nuts

Inconsiderate drivers drive me nuts!

  • People who wait until the very last minute to make a lane change so they can make their turn. It's just annoying. I sit in the same lane which ends up going much slower then the other lanes because of these people. Don't get me wrong I've been tempted to go to the faster lane and then make that last minute lane change, but I don't because I know how much it annoys me. If people would just plan ahead and not think that they are in more of a hurry then the rest of us then the turn lane that I currently sit in wouldn't be so slow because we wouldn't have to stomp on our brakes to let idiots like these in.

  • People who pull through parking spaces from other aisles. Yesterday this happened to me 3 times in one parking lot. I see the parking space I want and as I make my turn into the space some idiot from the other side pulls forward. Once they used that spot for their own parking which I hate because now I have to go around the parking lot to park behind them. And twice they were just pulling out of the spot they had already occupied to leave. It's so annoying!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Race for the Cure w/ pictures

As I mentioned in my last blog post. The husband ran in this years Susan G. Komen Race for the cure 5K. I could not believe how many people were there. By the time some of the runners were finishing others still hadn't even begun yet. It was amazing to see so many people out to support a cause very close to their hearts.

We (meaning the husband not me) ran with friends and registered as a team. Our team name "Save the Man Boobs". The girls got together last week to make the t-shirts. I designed the front and back with my hand dandy Scrapbook program. Tell me how cool the font is!

This is my husband modeling the t-shirts we made right before the race. The guys were so proud to wear the shirts! I was worried that with the bright pink we'd get more complaints from them but they loved them! And we had a ton of people stop us on the street to take pictures of the t-shirts. We definitly were a hit. Throughout the race everyone had people run by them and tell them how much they liked the shirts. It was awesome.

This is just a picture I took while walking to the finish line of ALL the people waiting to get started in the race. It was amazing.

And finally a picture of our guys walking back to the cars. They all go pink headbands from the Ford dealership. They even had their picture taken by Ford because of how cool they looked in their pink Man Boob t-shirts. They said the picture would be on www.fordcares.com but we haven't found it yet.

It was a great weekend!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

For a good cause

This saturday the husband is running in a 5k with friends in our neighborhood. I'm really excited for him even though he hasn't trained at all since the diabetes 5k last month. I'm also glad that other people in our neighborhood are doing them giving him a reason to run. This weeks 5k is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k.

We even decided to make a team and wear tshirts. Since most of the Ta-ta teams names were taken we decided that since men can get breast caner too we would be Save the Man Boobs. Tonight we are making our t-shirts.

Our slogan on the back of t-shirts will say "Big or small we save them all". Even though I'm not running in the race I still wanted a t-shirt so I'll be a spectator with a t-shirt. I'll try to post pictures this weekend of the race and our t-shirts. This is the biggest 5k in Utah so there will be TONS of people there.

That's it really. I hope that people people weren't thinking we were asking for donations, I'm just excited for my husband to get out run.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Make it stop!

Today is May 1st. The flowers should be blooming, the trees getting thier first leaves of the season. Men should be out mowing their lawns, women planting their gardens.

But that's not the case! It's 37 degrees outside and SNOWING!

Please make it stop!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm being sucked in!

I've come to the realization that I cannot escape sports. My husband has become a much bigger fan then when we first got married. I've accepted this. The only way to deal with it is to watch with him. Otherwise we wouldn't see much of each other. Usually during regular season I can get away with convincing the husband to do something else then watch sports. But during the playoffs it's a whole different ballgame. He has to watch IT ALL! And now with our new HD tv he loves it even more. Have I mentioned how much of a HD snob he is? He's actually inviting our friends over to watch tonight's game because last week he had to watch 1/2 of the Jazz game in non-HD. Oh the horror!

Anyways. The reason for this post is while watching the playoffs with the husband I've noticed a lot of ugly players. I hope this doesn't make me seem shallow. But this is my form of entertainment while watching the game -- yes I make fun of the players. I also make fun of the announcers. I'm always teasing the Husband about how the announcers talk dirty. Example: Yesterday during the L.A. Lakers -v- Denver Nugget game the announcer was talking about the coach and how if they lost he was going to pack up his nuggets. Okay it was late and I thought it was funny they said nuggets.

This is my list so far of the ugly players of the NBA. So far the list is only the teams that we've/I've watched during the playoffs. I'm sure there are others and I'm sure people will disagree with me.

Sam Cassell - Boston Celtics (tell me he doesn't look like an alien!)

Pau Gasol - L.A. Lakers (I'm sure with a hair cut he looks like a regular human being but to me he looks like a Sasquatch)

Dirk Nowitzki - Dallas Maverick (One ugly man!)
Tracy McGrady - Houston Rockets (this one I must admit I'm just bias against. The Jazz are currently playing the Rockets in the playoffs and he's just dumb. Did anyone see his interview when he couldn't pronounce Darron Williams! But I chose him not only for his lack of intelligence but also his droopy eyes. Get some sleep!)

DerMar Johnson - San Antonio Spurs (there is nothing wrong physically with this guy. He's actually a good looking guy. But the headband HAS GOT TO GO! It's way to big for his small head!)

And my most hated player of the NBA:

Tim Duncan! I can't stand this man. Every call on the court he has something to complain about. You fouled... move on! He's just the biggest baby. I started noticing this last year during the playoffs and it's definitely continued this year.

And my favorite both in looks and how he plays:

Steve Nash - My husband will disagree with both assessments but I like Steve Nash. I chose him as my favorite when he was a rookie and he ended up getting two MVP's in a row! That's my guy. And to make it even better he's Canadian! And I think he's cute!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

post office fun

Yesterday as I was leaving the post office I saw two people run into each other because they weren't paying attention to were they were walking. I laughed.

Today as I was leaving the post office I saw a guy pull up right behind someone that was in a parking stall because he wanted his stall (because it was 2 stalls closer to the door then the next open one) The guy in the truck that was in the stall just sat in his vehicle until the idiot behind him moved. I think people are stupid sometimes.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Woot Woot

My husband loves to play the fantasy sports on Sportingnews.com. It's free and it's a fun competition for him with friends. He often asks me to make my own fantasy team and play along. I'll usually do the Fantasy Football but I'm not really into any of the other sports (baseball, hockey or baseball). I do however like to make my picks for NCAA basketball. It's fun because I don't have to go back every week to check on my players to see how they are doing. I just pick a team to either win or lose at the beginning of the playoffs and that's it. This year I did just that. I wouldn't let my husband know which teams I had picked to win or lose until after the first round. I didn't want him to criticize my choices or who I picked to win it all. Also in doing this I have NO IDEA how the teams played throughout the year. All I can go off of is their seed number. As with most NCAA playoffs I know that there are always upsets so you can't rely 100% on their numbers -- just ask Connecticut (#4 seed) when they lost to San Diego (#13 seed). But I also choose based on names or places I've been. I've always thought Gonzaga was a funny name for a University so I always pick them to go past the first round, as does my loyalty to BYU (both of which disappointed me).

The point of this story? Against the husband and one of his friends (both who are very much into college sports...) I WON! I may have not have chosen the winner of the NCAA finals (UCLA lost) but the husband and his friend were out after the final four. I still have one of my picks that made it to the Championship. Which is an automatic win for me.

And my NCAA brackets (the yellow are the ones that I picked that went on to the next round). This my not be very exciting to most people (most of my friends & family eyes glaze over when I talk about my NCAA bracket picks) but it's fun for me and this is my way of gloating. Not to mention the 5 text messages I've sent to the husband today!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

My love of paint

I've always loved remodeling projects. This one isn't so much a remodel as it is just making room for baby.

We still have just under 3 months left but we are getting really excited for our little guy to arrive. The major part of the room is done, all that is left is decorating. And I'm proud to announce that the husband and I didn't disagree on any part of this room. Maybe it's my "delicate" state and he doesn't want to rock the boat. But we painted together and even hung chair rails together and didn't argue about any of it. We also just bought the furniture (well I bought it at from a warehouse that was liquidating a lot of their merchandice) it was a great deal. The furniture is very high end and we got both the dresser and crib for just over $500.

Here is what the room looked like before (we have been using it as a guest room and also where we've been storing everything that we don't normally use). But I took this picture after we'd cleaned it all out to get ready for paint.

And this is what the room looks like after. I think it turned out better then I expected.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The mind....

Dreams are weird.

Last night/this morning I dreamt that I was with some friends in Southern Utah. I wanted to show them Arches National Park. I gave them directions from mapquest then fell asleep in the backseat of the Jeep. When I woke up we were in a riverbed somewhere. Somehow they had gotton off the road and we ended up in the riverbed. When I looked at the directions they said they were following all the words were gone. So we started backing up to get back to the main road. Then we were all the sudden in a basement of a very large house. Somehow they remembered coming this way. But the basement was full of clutter and we had to clear a space for the Jeep to be backed up. Not to mention drive up a flight of stairs. When I went upstairs to check to see if anyone was home, it was decorated for a Baby Shower. When the owners of the house got home I explained to them what happend (they seemed to understand) and promised we'd be out of the basement before the baby shower started. After a ton of moving stuff around we finally got the jeep upstairs and out the front door (right through the baby shower stuff). Then we were on our way to Arches National Park. This time I stayed awake to give them the correct directions. I woke shortly after that.

It was just very very weird!