Monday, May 19, 2008

Drivers drive me nuts

Inconsiderate drivers drive me nuts!

  • People who wait until the very last minute to make a lane change so they can make their turn. It's just annoying. I sit in the same lane which ends up going much slower then the other lanes because of these people. Don't get me wrong I've been tempted to go to the faster lane and then make that last minute lane change, but I don't because I know how much it annoys me. If people would just plan ahead and not think that they are in more of a hurry then the rest of us then the turn lane that I currently sit in wouldn't be so slow because we wouldn't have to stomp on our brakes to let idiots like these in.

  • People who pull through parking spaces from other aisles. Yesterday this happened to me 3 times in one parking lot. I see the parking space I want and as I make my turn into the space some idiot from the other side pulls forward. Once they used that spot for their own parking which I hate because now I have to go around the parking lot to park behind them. And twice they were just pulling out of the spot they had already occupied to leave. It's so annoying!

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Vegas Princess said...

I hate this too! I have never met so many horrible drivers then since I moved out here. And I thought Boston drivers were bad!

I just noticed your avatar is pregnant too, how cute!