Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scary Day

Sunday night was a very scary night for us. I'm still not sure I've completely processed all of the events.

Most afternoon/evenings we let our cat Abbie outside in the backyard. Our yard is completely fenced so we don't worry too much about him out there. He's normally really good about checking in with us; just to let us know that he is a good boy.

Well yesterday we kind of forgot to bring him back in when it got dark. So when I went to get him he was no where to be found. So I searched the house because sometimes when we think he's outside he's actually sleeping on our bed. Well he wasn't in our house. So we started looking in the front yard. Most people that have met our cat knows that he's more then likely not able to jump the fence. Well that is correct. Unfortunately one of the slats on our fence is warped and keeps coming up at the bottom. Which makes for a perfect kitty door. And lucky us we live next to a park so there is INFINITE places for a cat to hide.

Well Bob and I spent about an hour wandering the 5-6 house radius looking for him. Zack started fussing so I had to take him back in the house to feed him. Bob decided to take the car out to see if he could find him that way. Next thing I know Bob calls me yelling. Something about Abbie and the Park. I had no idea what he is saying because he was obviously running and Zack was crying. So I do nothing. A minute or so later Abbie walks in the back door. So I call Bob to tell him that Abbie is back. A minute or so after that Bob comes running in asking where Abbie is. I point in the general direction of where he is (not really concerned) and Bob rushes off looking for Abbie saying that we need to take him to the vet. Why? BECAUSE HE GOT HIT BY A CAR!

Yeah I had no idea it was that serious. Luckily a neighborhood friend had seen Bob and figured something was wrong and stopped by. I gave Zack to her and rushed after Bob to see how Abbie was doing.

The good news of the story is I think Abbie is okay. His paws were bleeding because a couple of his claws were ripped off. But he looked and acted just fine. I've pushed and pulled and prodded as much as a non-vet can do and he doesn't seem like he is in any pain. I still will probably take him to the vet tomorrow to get checked out. We just don't have the money for expensive vet tests.

Abbie is a part of our family, and we both aren't ready to let him go. I'm just glad that we didn't have to have a cat funeral on my birthday (which was Monday). I'm not sure I could have handled that.


Ousizch said...
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Little Miss said...

Jenn- I'm so sorry!! But I'm telling ya, cats have nine lives!! I can't believe he got HIT BY A CAR and then walks into your house through the back door like it was an ordinary evening out...

glad he's ok--i just hope the same for you!

Sweet Yet Sassy said...

OMG! Your poor Abbie! I am glad he is okay.

I hope you had a Happy Birthday despite the evening before.